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Machinery Complex

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About us
Vision : A Sustainable bio waste treatment system
Custom based mechanical engineering machineries
Mission : Recycling of Nitrogen,Phosphor and Potassium to the soil as biomanure.
Innovation of mechanical machinery

AEMCO'S Growth Profile


  • 1st phase -Supply of machinery spares to large scale companies like Telk, Hmt, Keltron(1977-1985)
  • 2nd phase - Heavy MS&SS fabrication, Erection work and Engineering Maintenance work of large companies. Machinery erection and fabrication work at Herbal & Spices extraction plant.(1985-1993)
  • 3rd phase - Annual Maintenance contract work of Engineering & ETP, STP of large companies, exports of custom based pneumatic machineries.(1993-2015)
  • 4th phase - Design, Consultancy, Supervision and Construction of Biogas plants, Sewage treatment plants (STP), Energy Conservation and Energy Auditing (from 2004) for the enhancement of biodegradable waste disposal and Sewage Treatment(STP).
  • 5th phase - Exporters of machinery and equipments for spice projects, chutney powder manufacturing dealers and exporters of all chutney powders.

About the executive

Mr. P.V.Joseph is the Promoter of the firm, Agro Engineering& Machinery Complex established in the year 1977 at Mini industrial estate, Angamaly . As the Chief Executive of the firm he has got vast experience in Heavy Engineering and annual maintenance of ETP and STP treatment plants. With the advice of the team of environmental engineers, the promoter stepped into the construction of bio gas plants at various Rice mills and canteen waste in large industries, hotels, restaurants, complexes, flats, hospitals etc. It was found out that after the treatment by biodigestor, the efficiency of STP (Effluent Treatment Plant) increases to a great extent. So the Bio gas plants have been established against biodegradable waste generated and the methane gas produced is used for cooking and electricity generation. Bio degradable solid waste management is done by bio gas plant.

He extended his services to various industries in Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad by constructing Biogas plants of appropriate design based on nature of the waste and its treatment. The plants are running successfully producing huge quantity of biogas which is used for cooking thereby substituting LPG to considerable extent. Biogas generator 5KVA~20 KVA is developed with an associated firm.


Ms. Amala Mary Jose (MS, Biofuel  from QUEBEC University, Canada) experimented biogas plants in concrete design at various rice mills during the year 2005-2008 and proved it is the best process for the treatment of par boiled paddy waste water. She has been rewarded by various universities such as IIT Roorkie, VIT University, Vellore & Dr.MGR University, Chennai for the paper and poster presentation of the work connected to Biogas plants


Client list
Sl. Size of the Bio Gas Plant. Clients State
1 50m3 Caterpillar India Ltd. Thiruvallur,Chennai Tamilnadu
2 35m3   X  3 nos Keerthi Agro Mills, Kalady, Kerala. Kerala
3 35m3 Thekkekara Rice Mill, Kerala. Kerala
4 25m3 Anna Rice Mill,Kalady. Kerala. Kerala
5 25m3 K.N. Live Stock Farms ,Kerala. Kerala
6 20m3 TIDC, Ambattur. Chennai Tamilnadu
7 15m3 Contur Resorts, Chenganassery, Kerala. Kerala
8 15m3 Tube Products of India Ltd. Chennai Tamilnadu
9 10m3 St. Mary’s Cattle market, Kerala. Kerala
10 10m3 Rukmini hotel ,Angamaly.Kerala. Kerala
11 6m3 TIDC India Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh. Andhrapradesh
12 6m3 Hotel Anandha Bhavan, Angamaly,Kerala. Kerala
13 40m3 Valookkaran Rice Mill, Kalady. Kerala. Kerala
14 35m3 Ponmani Rice, Kalady, Kerala. Kerala
15 35m3 Mary Matha Rice mill, Kalady. Kerala. Kerala
15 25m3 Kottackal Agro Foods, Angamaly,Kerala. Kerala
15 25m3 Rukmini dairy farm ,Angamaly.Kerala. Kerala
15 25m3 Delphi TVS ,Mannur,Chennai. Tamilnadu
15 15m3 MIT Hostel ,Chennai. Tamilnadu
15 15m3 AVT NPL ,Aluva Kerala. Kerala
15 15m3 Tube Products of India Ltd. Avady, Chennai Tamilnadu
15 10m3 T.I. Cycles of Indian Ltd, Ambattur, Chennai. Tamilnadu
15 10m3 Enviro water technologies, TCR. Kerala. Kerala
15 10m3 Sara Apartment, Angamaly,Kerala Kerala